Giving Back

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People tend to care not so much WHAT you do,

But WHY you do it.

This business has played a much different role than most entrepreneurial pursuits.  In 2010, we decided to grow our family through foster care and adoption.  It was our hope that Brenda could stay at home to parent while still bringing in an income.

This business was an answer to that longing.

Our journey has not been an easy one, but no journey worth it ever is.  Here we stand, several years later, having said goodbye to several children we thought would come home to us.   It’s been hard. It’s been heartbreaking. And it’s been what we refer to as ‘our beautiful, horrible mess.’   This walk has burdened us to creatively contribute to the orphan crisis today.   When you become involved with, you have the opportunity to partner in this pursuit.



Every person who refers new SEO business to us will receive a $100 donation made in their name to any World Vision charity.  If you’re not sure, we advocate for the Help Vulnerable Children Fund.

10% of our proceeds are gifted to World Vision’s Help Vulnerable Children Fund. Watch this video to learn more about this life-saving mission.


While global poverty is an issue, we recognize there is need all around us. We encourage everyone to get involved in simply serving in the place that gets your heart pumping! For us, some of those other organizations include…

We’d love for you to join us, but most of all, we’d love for you to find what gets you ‘right in the feels’ and go for it!